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i)          to develop an acceptable project documentation, making them bankable.
  1. the company will invest its ‘s own equity funds as part of the preparatory works;
  • additional funds will be sourced in the form of equity and/or debt capital;
  1. when all the required project finance is sourced and ready, the company will form a project management team to implement the project, managing project administration and funds


Specifically, the  company’s business operation concept shall include services to national governments and private individuals and institutions to develop proposals and concept until the quality of the information is deemed acceptable to the capital market. It will either seek to raise finance for each investment

portfolio/projects as a stand-alone or combine them with already developed investments portfolio or program of projects that requires funding.The company wants to differentiate itself from others, not only by the way the project/investment funds are sourced and raised but also through the services delivered to its valuable project stakeholders.

Specific Service To Project Promoters And Entrepreneurs Shall Include The Following:-

  • Development of concept notes
  • Review of financial appraisal and project documentation (including legal status and project entity formation);
  • Review of business/project plan
  • Technical and legal due diligence on project feasibility
  • Raising the required finances;
  • Mapping the project implementation chart and the creation of the project management team;
  • Project execution, monitoring and evaluation; and
  • Project/Transaction

Specific Services To Investors, Private Equity Firms And Institutions (I.E. Equity And Debt Capital Partners), Whose Funds Will Be Financing The Projects In Our Investments Portfolio:-

  • Classification of debt/equity capital partners, based on terms of funds placements/investments to the company;
  • Project Due Diligence in line with creditors investments criteria;
  • Asset Management to produce the acceptable negotiated returns;
  • Disbursement of Project Funds;
  • Project Monitoring for the effective utilization of the project funds; also under the administration of KCL’s project management team; and
  • Recovery of investment returns and subsequent disbursement to


In selecting the type of investments to deploy funds raised, KCL will be guided by the following four investments criteria:-

  • guarantee an ADEQUATE HIGH RETURN;
  • be SAFE and very SECURED;
  • retain its VALUES (capital retention); and
  • be in the CURRENCY of the funds raised (currency retention).


KRON CAPITAL Negotiated Depository Notes/Bills (In Ghana Cedis and Foreign Currencies)

This product is high earning in nature and it targets individuals and businesses that want to put aside some funds for the rainy day, or wish to diversify their investments. Interest will be paid quarterly/semi-annual and annually on clients’ accounts and on demand. The initial amount required to open an account is GH¢ 100,000.00 (or the equivalent in US dollars or other foreign currency negotiated). Clients will be allowed to withdraw from the accounts once every year or on demand, The investments will be made against a KRON CAPITAL Limited Promissory Notes.

KRON CAPITAL Certificate of Deposit/Promissory Note

The product offered to corporate Ghanaian entities in the finance, investments, and insurance businesses. It gives the entities the additional opportunity to earned income on idle funds in their treasuries. The minimum amount is GH¢ 1,000,000.00 and maximum GH¢ 5,000,000.00. (or equivalent in US dollars or other foreign currency negotiated).

KRON CAPITAL Fixed Deposit Account (In Ghana Cedis and Foreign Currencies)

This is a hybrid fixed term depository product. It offers terms of  3 months, 6 months, and 12 months. The issuance of long-term funds placement in the form of Preference shares is also considered under this product lines on the following terms:Amount – minimum of GH¢ 2,000,000.00 (or equivalent in US dollars or other foreign currency negotiated). Tenor – minimum of 36 months; Interest payment – negotiable. Other – option to convert to common shares subject to approval by the shareholders and Directors.


Corporate Commercial Paper

This will be the star product of the company. The product will be offered to clients in need for short-term financing to supplement their working capital requirements, with a maximum tenor of 36 months. The commercial paper shall be in Ghana cedi (or equivalent in US dollars or other foreign currency negotiated). The facility will be approved based on valid board resolution and good corporate legal clearance of the applicants. This facility will be available to only limited liability companies and their parent companies.

Discounting of Bills , Notes and Invoices

This facility will be made available to corporate bodies willing to discount bills and/or invoices from creditable payers. The product will come in other forms like: promissory notes, receivable-backed facility, corporate guaranteed facility, etc,

Property / Fixed Assets Equity Finance

This product has been designed to support the Equity investments in Real Estate businesses.
To be able to access this facility the applicant must have regular income stream and an active current account with any of the Commercial Banks in the country. This account should be held for a minimum period of 6 months.
The Property/Asset should be legally defined that the applicant as the owner and also the property/asset is made assignable by law.

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The principal services of the company will be project development, sourcing funds and project implementation and management, and finally repaying all private equity investors and creditors on NEGOTIATED AND AGREED term.