A Private Equity & Venture Capital Firm in Ghana

Welcome to Kron Capital

KCL is a Ghanaian private equity firm  and a venture capital institution, set up in response to the growing needs for specific venture capital and private equity funds businesses with focus in the development and financing of new businesses and key infrastructure projects in Ghana and other Sub-Saharan African countries, on Public-private-partnership (and other form of public/private financing structures), as Governments are finding it increasingly difficult, if not impossible, to finance the growing in-country infrastructure needs from their respective annual national budgets and shrinking revenue mobilisation.


Our Products & Services


Specific Service To Project Promoters And Entrepreneurs Shall Include The Following:-

  • Development of concept notes
  • Review of financial appraisal and project documentation (including legal status and project entity formation);
  • Review of business/project plan
  • Technical and legal due diligence on project feasibility
  • Raising the required finances;
  • Mapping the project implementation chart and the creation of the project management team;
  • Project execution, monitoring and evaluation; and
  • Project/Transaction

Specific Services To Investors, Private Equity Firms And Institutions (I.E. Equity And Debt Capital Partners), Whose Funds Will Be Financing The Projects In Our Investments Portfolio:-

  • Classification of debt/equity capital partners, based on terms of funds placements/investments to the company;
  • Project Due Diligence in line with creditors investments criteria;
  • Asset Management to produce the acceptable negotiated returns;
  • Disbursement of Project Funds;
  • Project Monitoring for the effective utilization of the project funds; also under the administration of KCL’s project management team; and
  • Recovery of investment returns and subsequent disbursement to

Kron Capital Private Equity & Venture Capital


In selecting the type of investments to deploy funds raised, KCL will be guided by the following four investments criteria:-

  • guarantee an ADEQUATE HIGH RETURN;
  • be SAFE and very SECURED;
  • retain its VALUES (capital retention); and
  • be in the CURRENCY of the funds raised (currency retention).
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In-depth Experience
& Due Diligence

Our management team has in-depth experience in managing several private equity portfolio and investment instruments.

Diligence & Corporate Governance

You can bank our diligent and hard working goes through all the practices to ensure that your financial instruments are safe and secure. We also put in place the right corporate governance in place.

Reliability & Trust

Bank on the trust and reliability of our team to manage all your assets. We operate our business in the spirit of integrity and ensure cordial relationship with all people.

Kron Capital Private Equity & Venture Capital


  • Review, Prepare and Develop acceptable project documentation to make prospective projects feasible and operationally
  • Invest Company’s own funds as part of the initial equity capital required for project and if possible also contribute to the debt capital required for the project;
  • Source additional funds in the form of equity and/or debt on standalone basis for each project in collaboration with the Company’s foreign partners;
  • Create a project management team to implement the project with the responsibility of managing the project with the assistance of selected partner technical and engineering firms as well as project administration and project fund disbursements & management (on a case by case basis and need basis);
  • Guarantee adequately high return on investments and Ensure safety and security of investments (debt and equity).


Venture Capital, Private Equity and Investments Banking Services; Development and Financing of Infrastructure Projects – Energy & Power Investments and Real Estate;
i) Mobilisation of both Debt and Equity Capital for Projects;
ii) Investments Control, monitoring and Evaluation of Target Companies/Projects;
iii) Equity Investments in “virgin” Projects;
iv) Funds Mobilisation and Management for Finance Houses and Other Financial Institutions; and
v) General Project Management and Advisory Services.

KCL plans to expand its operations within the sub-Saharan African countries, by having physical presences in the following countries: Ghana, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Kenya, The Gambia and Angola within the next five (5) years of operation added.

Our Investment Philosophy

Seek the retention of VALUE of investment; maintenance of CURRENCY of investment; the yield of ADEQUATE return on investment; and provide the SECURITY of investment.